No matter your needs, we offer complete customisation for any build. We can tailor designs to exact specifications, ensuring a body that’s been built to fit your operation.

At Marshalls, our design process always begins with discussion. We’ll get to know you and your company’s individual needs, to develop a truck body that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Bespoke Builds

We have the facility to design and build completely bespoke bodies – or, we can customise an existing body so that it better suits your operation. Whether your truck body was built by Marshalls or not, we will provide the full range of truck accessories and modifications.

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Compliant at All Times

Our flexible design process allows us to take your ideas on board, working together to create a bespoke build that meets your needs and more. With Marshalls, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all customisation works meets technical and compliance regulations, thanks to our Type Approval service and VCA Approved Certification.

At Marshalls, it’s our goal to give our customers exactly what they want – which is why we invest heavily in advancing our design and customisation capabilities. We understand that it’s your truck, so should be built to your specifications. Whatever you want, we’ll build – and where you’re unsure, our expert team are on hand to advise.

To find out more about our customisation services, please call the team today on 01204 469817 and see for yourself what Marshalls can do for you.

Marshalls Customise

  • Custom bodies
  • Bespoke builds
  • Compliant at All Times
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