Design Process

At Marshalls, it’s our 3D design process that puts us at the forefront of this industry. We have the technology, tools and talent in place, that enable us to design and build whatever vehicle it is that your business needs.

We also have the capability and experience, combined with all the latest software, to ensure that the end-result will exceed all your expectations. Not only will we meet your requirements, but we will help you remain safe, compliant and achieve maximum productivity from the build.

Our Process

Our 3D design facility helps customers to visualise their new vehicle, right from the initial concept stage. It provides extensive detail, showing features and functionality, and identifying opportunities for customisation, whether it be a simple chassis or a complete step-frame low-loader trailer.

It also allows our build team to become familiar with the project, and carry out all manner of testing on our products, including stress-testing and deformation, to gross mass and capacity. It’s this process that allows us to design all vehicles to be as robust as possible, giving the greatest payload but never compromising strength or safety.

Solidworks at Marshalls

It’s important to us to always use the most advanced software on the market, which is why our design team use only Solidworks design technology. Utilising this software has been pivotal in Marshalls’ success, providing our in-house design team with the finest of tools and enabling us to work seamlessly alongside every major vehicle manufacturer, to product a solution that’s perfect for you.

All Marshalls design activities are VCA Type Approved before they leave us, so that you’re guaranteed the very highest standards of work.

To find out more about our 3D design facility, or discuss a project with our team, please call Marshalls on 0161 989 3010

“We have a 3D design facility that helps our customers visualise their new vehicle, from concept to the final product.”

Carl Mayoh

Head of Design, Marshalls

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