With Marshalls refurb service, we will assess, repair or replace all parts of your vehicle or fleet, ensuring it delivers a performance that would rival that of a brand new build.

Our outstanding team of welders, fabricators, repair techs and service personnel provide the best possible quality, long-lasting repairs – whether it be a crack in the chassis, blast and paint, collision damage or a frame replacement for your vehicle.

Limiting Downtime

Wherever wear and tear is worse, our team will take the time to understand the root cause – ensuring the unlikelihood of part breakdown and a longer-lasting vehicle overall. We are also committed to providing the best possible refurbishment service, ensuring reliability, durability and premium quality, and all whilst limiting downtime for your operation.

Refurb Advantages:

  • We will utilise existing assets to refurb to like-new condition
  • Required new unit expenditures are reduced by up to 70% with refurb
  • Refurb also reduces breakdown frequency, related outside cost and downtime
  • Reduces in-house repair costs associated with aging fleet
  • Engines are supported by full manufacturer’s warranty

Our refurb service also helps you and your fleet adhere to all current regulations, as all vehicles are type approved before they leave us.

All Parts Refurbished

From floor and structural repairs, to diagnostics and hydraulic faults, our technicians will take care of all elements of refurbishment, to get any vehicle looking – and driving – brand new, no matter its current state.

To find out how Marshalls can instil new life into your old truck with our refurb service, give the team a call today on 01204 469817.

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